We live in a world that is centred around our visual experience. With an increasing desire to photograph, record and share every single detail-yet not everything we observe can be documented in this way.


 With fleeting visual stimulation, shadow and afterimage being short-lived and near on impossible to replicate-as images they become elusive, with a feeling that they are always just beyond ones reach.I aim to produce artwork that promotes authority for objects that are normally disregarded  – considered inconsequential- that if viewed closer can disclose their own significance.

Producing artwork that will stimulate and push the viewer to question how? what? and why? they are actually seeing - and not just the name of it. 


Fundamentally, it is not the eye that is in control, it is primarily the messenger, it is the brain and its own neural wiring that can easily confuse, deceive and form illusions that the human psyche has no defence against. Physiological investigation of these experiences proves there is in fact more to the visual than meets the eye.