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We live in a world that is centred around our visual experience.There is an increasing desire to photograph, record and share every single detail.

My art practice is an investigation into the properties of human visual perception. With knowledge gained from my background in Optometry I am able to interrogate the inherent human physiological and neurological mechanisms that influence, limit and ultimately determine our overall perceived visual experience.



I am led by process and experimentation. I aim to draw attention to the often overlooked elements within any situation. By stepping back from our obsession with the perfect final image, and to include the disregarded components, or aesthetical imperfections can give a greater sense of reality.  

 Any process or pathway comprises of a series of decisions - the choices made ultimately define the final outcome. Actions have consequences- but not all are controllable, we are primarily only an observer of neurological function.


I work in sculpture, alternative photography and print.


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